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女が女に向かって「大好きだよ」→「I love you.」と表現

Love Live! Sunshine!!
Episode 10


However, for the time being, Chika and Riko's feelings get front and center attention.
Even though Riko tells Chika she's already made up her mind about joining the girls for the Love Live!
preliminaries, Chika urges Riko to go for the piano competition. It's a lot like Kanan and Mari's
relationship in a lot of ways?not only in the personal sacrifices to better someone else's life but also their closeness.
The end of the episode is sweet and revealing. After Chika spills her feelings to Riko
about her hopes for her friend, promising that the other girls will always be there for her,
Riko pulls her in for an embrace and says, "I love you."
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その中でも一番のおすすめでマニアの方にはご存じの方が多いゼロアニメーションに入会   ここは種類や質では間違いなくエロアニメ動画はもちろん同人誌でもナンバーワンです

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